October 17th, 2023

In every home, there’s usually something that homeowners want to change about their cabinetry. Sometimes these changes are purely aesthetic. However, in many instances, they’re functional. People often want more of a specific type of storage space, greater accessibility, and increased adaptability. Whether you’re prepping perishable goods for long-term storage, using your kitchen for an at-home bakery or other business, or simply committed to cooking more healthy, homemade meals, it’s important to have what you need. Our custom kitchen cabinets in Easton PA are the perfect solution to low-quality stock cabinets that haven’t been meeting your high standards.

When you work with our in-house team of design experts, you can explore a diverse range of materials. We’ll explain the benefits and drawbacks of each, so that you can make a confident and highly informed decision for your kitchen. We have options that wear well in high-humidity kitchens, products that retain their good looks and integrity when installed near ovens and other heat-generating appliances, and durable constructs that are just as affordable as they are good-looking.

You can also work with us to establish the exact level of accessibility that you want with each feature. Rather than positioning the vast majority of your cabinets too or too low for comfortable use, we can establish the perfect installation height for your needs and everyone else in your household. We also have solutions for storing large volumes of spices, cookware, dry pantry items and more. Custom cabinet design services allow consumers to refine each detail of their cabinets to suit.

At Cornerstone Kitchen & Baths, we also offer superior workmanship. Expect edges that are perfectly flush, stable, level shelves that maintain their integrity for decades, doors that open and close smoothly, and breathtaking hardware. We offer the perfect blend of form and function while leveraging design and manufacturing techniques that ensure enduring value.

You can visit our custom cabinet showroom to view our handiwork in-person. We have an impressive range of stunning pieces that we’ve completed in the past as well as a team of design consultants that can bring your unique visions to life. Get in touch with us now to learn more!

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