April 12th, 2024

Your cabinets are among the first things that people see when entering your kitchen. They also have the greatest impact on the functionality and convenience of this space. Whether you have a number of inaccessible or awkward cabinets or your current cabinetry is looking aged, we can help. At Cornerstone Kitchens and Baths, LLC, we’re proud to be among the top custom cabinet designers in Easton PA. Read on to discover three compelling reasons to contact one of our design consultants…


January 30th, 2024

The kitchen is an important space for preparing meals and it needs to be organized with enough space and storage to feel comfortable. But when you’re thinking about upgrading this area, you may be unsure as to which designs will work best and add the greatest value. By visiting a kitchen design showroom in Easton PA, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t in a real-life setting rather than looking at pictures or plans. Showrooms are designed with the latest fixtures including tiles,…


January 17th, 2024

There’s no way that anyone wants to cook and prepare meals in a dysfunctional and poorly kept-kitchen. The heart of the home is where we gather with friends and family over lunch and dinner, but when we can’t stay organized and there’s a lack of space, it makes us frustrated and miserable. To make the most of your kitchen, our Easton PA custom cabinet designers are here to help you with unique cabinet design tips and professional installations. New cabinets or refinishing existing fixtures…


October 27th, 2023

The significance of customizing your home cannot be overstated in interior design. Choosing elements with attractive finishes and artistic expressions transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens. Finding a custom cabinet shop in Easton PA destination, that offers truly personalized solutions is crucial. Today, we will reflect on the outstanding features that make our shop your one-stop haven for the interiors. Innovation in Design Our custom cabinet shop thrives in both…


October 17th, 2023

In every home, there’s usually something that homeowners want to change about their cabinetry. Sometimes these changes are purely aesthetic. However, in many instances, they’re functional. People often want more of a specific type of storage space, greater accessibility, and increased adaptability. Whether you’re prepping perishable goods for long-term storage, using your kitchen for an at-home bakery or other business, or simply committed to cooking more healthy, homemade meals, it’s…

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