November 3rd, 2020

If your kitchen cabinetry is looking tired and out of date, the best way to add value and design to suit your lifestyle is with custom cabinets in Easton PA. One of the most impressive features in the kitchen has to be the cabinetry. From the color to storage and style, every aspect of your cupboard design is created to satisfy your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.Customized cabinetry offers choice, which means you get to choose a style, color, and a finish to complement your home and…


October 8th, 2020

If you have been considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, but are reluctant to spend the amount of money required for a full remodel, it is good to know that there are alternatives which are far less costly, and will give your rooms a modern and chic look. Read on to learn more about remodeling with new cabinet hardware in Easton PA and the surrounding area.The term ‘hardware’ for cabinets refers to the knobs, hinges and other elements used to open and close cabinets. They are both…


September 1st, 2020

After the kitchen, bathrooms are the room in most homes where the most waking time is spent. It is also the room that is most likely to be updated or renovated in the course of a remodeling project. Here are some of the elements which make each of our designs memorable. We provide a wide range of ideas for your remodeling projects in our bathroom furniture store in Easton, Pennsylvania.In addition to the toilets, showers, tubs and sinks, there are other elements that can be combined to make…


August 6th, 2020

Whether you are building a new home, or updating an existing one, attention to the kitchen cabinet6s is of prime importance. Even in a budget environment that cannot handle a costly expenditure, custom cabinets are a building or renovation decision which is smart over the long term. A custom-designed cabinets layout is likely to reap benefits in durability, space utilization and aesthetic appeal. Read on to learn why you need a custom cabinet designer in Easton PA.Aesthetic appeal is more…


July 1st, 2020

Forward-thinking homeowners are fully aware of the need to transform the appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms through the installation of quality cabinets. Cornerstone Kitchen & Baths should be the right choice if you are on the lookout for a one-stop-shop for your cabinetry needs. Our services extend beyond planning and include installation of an excellent cabinet at your kitchen or bathroom. Below are few insights outlining the reasons we remain the best Custom Cabinet Shop in Easton…

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